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RT Trafalgar Modern Acadian 2500
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Royal Texan Homes
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The Best of Regional Architecture

Uniquely American with French lineage and new world practicality, the Acadian architectural styles have long influenced the gulf coast region. Whether it's the sweeping backdrops of iconic movies or the beautiful homes of the Southeast United States, the Acadian-influenced home has become part of the American Architectural tapestry.

The early Gulf Coast settlers had to endure a harsh environment. In response, they built taller pitched roofs, hurricane shutters, and homes set off the ground to harness available airflow. Architects married the lovely dormer windows with the symmetry that was the hallmark of many French homes from the time.

Our interpretation of a Modern Acadian design takes the historical practicality and style of the Acadian traditions and incorporates the flow and technology of modern life. The interiors have the balance and elegance of the sweeping estates of yesteryear, but with every consideration of today's family.

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