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Italian, Spanish, and French Inspiration

The Mediterranean is a vast area with a broad range of Architectural Styles, and we focus on three key influences.

The first is Palladian Architecture, with its focus on Neo-classicist symmetry, mathematical ratios, and elegance. These beautiful homes are scattered across the Northern Italian countryside and speak to natural light, blending elegance with local materials.

The Second is the blend of traditional Spanish homes with a modern twist. Here we can see where the Moorish and Gothic influences of centuries-old traditions meet with contemporary and more minimalist lines that create a much more elegant home than you may expect.

The Third is the French Mediterranean, which stretches from the Pyrenees across Provence and the Cote d’Azur to Monaco. This region contains a beautiful blend of shallow-pitched rooves with simple indoor-outdoor living styles. Typically you would see families eat and congregate outside and use the house during the extremes of temperatures.

All of our Mediterranean homes create an excellent balance between authentic historical elegance and modern living. For thirty years now, this geographical region has seen these beautiful old homes lovingly restored and modernized, and that’s the essence of what we capture with this collection.

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