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Royal Texan Homes
Royal Texan Homes
Royal Texan Homes
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Romantic, rolling, hill country landscapes decorated with bluebonnets and oak trees inspired our Hill Country Architectural Style. However, this native-Texan style also has roots in German immigrants' traditional building methods, the harsh environment they encountered, and the materials they found to work with when they arrived.

Inspiration from the Heart of Texas

Limestone was the most abundant resource available, and so the settlers' homes often featured stone, sometimes whitewashed, mesquite, and other timber. Large, low-pitched roof coverings and overhangs are also common. Essentially a form of the American farmhouse, the necessity for airflow and heat management created large porch areas with breezeways and "Dog Trot" features.

The result is some of the most elegant Texan architectural homes, paying homage to these architectural features. The Hill Country lends itself nicely to modern, elegant, or traditional tastes. Understanding our native-Texan architectural roots helps us cast an extraordinary vision for your Hill Country-inspired home.

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