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The beautiful simplicity of life in the country

Initially, these homes were functional and practical. Pioneers who brought farming techniques from Europe brought the concept of the home acre as well. In the middle of the farm, the home had to have good views of the surrounding area and offer plenty of indoor/outdoor interaction as people went between vegetable plots, chicken coups, or the barn.

These days we have a far more chic interpretation of the farmhouse, but the original functionality is still there. A high-pitched roof, plentiful natural light, and the incorporation of simple features that you might find around the farm, such as fieldstones, characterize the farmhouse style. The minimalism of necessity lends itself to modern contemporary styling where simple chic finishes are incorporated with contrasting colors, such as black on white, accentuating the stylistic approach to this classic American style.

The farmhouse is our heritage, the styling is our progress, and the architectural landscape can now celebrate the American Farmhouse.

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