Selections with Designer

We have created a range of selections which is unique varied and beautiful. Now is the moment to really personalize your home using our experience working with out team of talented designers. Your Selections Design Team are ready to move seamlessly into this phase.

By now you should have shared your ideas, photos, pinterest and houzz boards with your assigned Lead Designer. Your team has worked already behind the scenes to create some ideas for you and we are ready to go.

You are actually have three meetings with your design team for your project. Each meeting is three hours long. In the unlikely event that further time is requested additional hours are available at $500 per hour.

Meeting 1

  1. Meeting with designer to understand the client’s taste, design directions, timeline and overall budget for project. Communicate with Client and review any Houzz, Pinterest and magazine pictures for selections process to refine design direction.
  2. Client to provide Houzz, Pinterest and magazine image concepts.Exterior selections: Stucco, trim, roofing, stone, front door and garage profile selections.
  3. Exterior window’s and door’s- specify color and type.
  4. Main floor selections, a basic knowledge of what kind of flooring will go where.
  5. Front door design
  6. Interior doors- profile and color.
  7. Trim, baseboard and any casing selections.
  8. Plumbing selections – Reviewed with client, Homework may be required.
  9. Appliance selections – Review with client, Homework may be required.

Meeting 2

  1. Cabinetry meeting to review layout, door style, paint or stain selections.
  2. Vanities- furniture style and other cabinetry furniture
  3. Electrical plan review.
  4. Countertops- materials and edge details.
  5. Fireplace design – review concept images with client to help builder with pricing.
  6. Tile & tub surround Selections- designer to present selections, elevations sketches/AutoCAD for approval.
  7. Tile pattern and grout selections.
  8. Flooring selections- carpet and other.
  9. Interior paint, stain, specialty faux finishes, wallpaper selections for walls and ceilings.
  10. Interior beam selections.
  11. Floor stain selections.

Meeting 3

  1. Hardware and Mirror.
  2. Review Documentation: tile drawings will be drawn (by hand or CAD) by designer with appropriate labels for installation.
  3. Provide look-books for material choices.
  4. Provide detailed height’s for mirror and lighting installation for Anthology appointment.
  5. Present selection to Homeowner for approval – presentation meeting.
  6. Provide documentation, schedules, drawings, approved choices and finishes to clients and builder for estimating-ordering purposes.

Meeting Times and Designer Communications

Our designers work Monday – Friday. Meeting times are from either 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. Our designers are available for communication during the times they are not in an appointment at the above times. Your designer’s preferred method of communication is email as the design team is often in appointments and may have limited access to communication. Please allow 24-48 response time.

Additional Charges

While you should not require more time than is provided in the Selections Design Process you can purchase more, should you feel more comfortable doing so. Additional Meeting Hours $500 per hour. Additional Changes after Selections Designs have been completed and approved are considered change order requests. The potential change order will be priced on application.

However please be aware there is an hourly charge of $250 for any work carried out for these Change Order Requests.