Architecture Design Process

Download Our Architectural Design Process PDF

Beginning the design process when working with Royal Texan Homes is simple. We first start with a discussion that will then lead you into choosing a home series that best represents you to meet your requirements. Our home plans are the groundwork of what is possible and not finite plans. They are designed to allow for flexibility in the Design Phase. This allows a home design based on you and your needs. Walls, rooms, and additions can be configured within the footprint of the base plan you choose.

Planning is the key to each custom home build’s success. Therefore, we have broken down the Design Process into the following five steps.

Step One

Project Consultant Meeting
Speak with your project consultant and agree on the home series that best represents the home you want to build.

Step Two

Geotechnical, Topographical, Tree and Boundary Surveys
Surveys will need to be carried out before we move forward with step three. Builder approved topographical, tree, and boundary and geotechnical (sometimes referred to as a soils test) surveys are required to be ordered at this stage. This important land information will dictate the type of foundation required. Royal Texan Homes standard levels of the foundation include a post-tension slab. However, if your soils test shows a high PVR and plasticity we may have to have a conversation about the different foundation types and the implications to cost and time schedules.

The cost for this can vary (between $2000 and $3000 is typical but it could be more) which is paid to a third party and is considered a part of your lot prep budget.

Step Three

Design Contract
Now that we have the essential surveys back. At this stage, we will send you a design contract. This is the contract that covers the Design Phase of your home build. This fee is $7,500 and as of August 2020, will now get credited towards the overall construction contract price. At this stage, we will create a client profile for you in our BuilderTrend Portal. This free amazing tool provided to you by Royal Texan Homes will allow for complete build transparency. This is a construction collaboration app that will provide you with 24/7 access to your home’s project. Once we have a signed and approved Letter of Agreement the design process can begin.

Step Four

Plan Development Phase with Design Coordinators: 12 Hours
During this phase, you are allocated six meetings. Three meetings to finalize the floor plans and three meetings to finalize your home elevation. These meetings can be in person or by teleconference. Additionally, we offer one complimentary revision during your selection period. Typically, after this process, you should have a beautiful home design. If you need additional assistance, this is not a problem. Additional plan changes are available for $500 per change request.

You can expect the following at each meeting:

Floor Plans

Meeting 1: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Intro to design team and ask “lifestyle” questions/li>
  2. Discuss any revisions necessary to the initial design and consider architectural style/li>
  3. Initial Budget Review to ensure we are designing the correct size and style of home for you/li>
  4. Agree on the architectural style of exterior and interior/li>
  5. Discuss Cabinet System allowance/li>
  6. Discuss Appliance’s

Meeting 2: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Fine-tune floor plan changes and further revisions.
  2. Apply any price changes
  3. Review Cabinet System

Meeting 3: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Add Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Requirements.
  2. Apply any price changes
  3. Finalize cabinet placements not elevations

Client Homework: Appliance Meeting Appointment Scheduled

Final review of floor plans will be made and signed off on for approval before moving to elevations. Or you can utilize your one complimentary revision at this time. After reaching this stage any further revisions would be available to you for a fee of $500 per revision. Before we begin elevations, you must have signed off and approved the floor plans by the signature of the agreement.

Exterior Elevations

Meeting 4: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Review elevations and adjustments
  2. Budget Review
  3. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

Meeting 5: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Review elevations and make adjustments
  2. Budget Review
  3. Include a discussion on finishing such as exterior trim, lighting, etc.
  4. Appliance Look Book review and est. Bid from preferred vendor due

Meeting 6: Approximately 2 Hours

  1. Review elevations and agree to final adjustments
  2. Apply any price changes
  3. Finalize Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing requirements

Before we begin engineering and interior selections, you must have signed and approved the final plans, elevations and all contract documentation presented by Royal Texan Homes.

Step 5

Home Engineering
Now, engineering of your frame and foundations can begin. This is an extremely important part of the process. Your house will be uniquely engineered for your land with an appropriate standard for construction. Once the engineering is back you will receive notification through Buildertrend. At this time you will review and sign your engineered foundation and frame documents.

Changes and Revision
Royal Texan Homes strives to provide the best in client satisfaction. We offer up to 1 revision to meet your expectations. Should you require more revision each these are available at the rate or $500.00 each.


  1. Design Contact Fee $7500.00 Due at signing of agreement
  2. Engineering fee is $1 per sq ft
  3. Design Changes Fee $500 per change
  4. All invoices are due upon receipt or otherwise stated by your Royal Texan Homes coordinator
  5. Estimated time to complete Design Phase Process within 6-8 weeks

Congratulations! You are now ready for your interior design meetings. We cannot wait to see you in the studio.