The ultimate aim of every artistic activity is to build
— Walter Gropius

We have created or uploaded some helpful videos to unpack the science, design principles and philosophies behind the build on your lot program with Royal Texan Homes. We try to build at the point where design, color, art, texture, sculpture, media, technology and structure collide. Creating a unique home that totally fits your family. Its as if it was made for you, well in our case it was.

Royal Texan Homes CEO Mark Garraty walks through a Framed Walden home.

Unlike the conventional storage tank water heaters that will eventually run out of hot water, Navien's Condensing Tankless Water Heaters can deliver an endless supply because they only produce hot water when you need it which limits energy and water waste.

The award winning REME HALO® in-duct air purifier is the next generation of indoor air quality (IAQ) technology and capable of purifying every cubic inch of air that your central air conditioning system reaches. Designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors and air pollutants, the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier is the best solution for whole house and building air purification. Invented to recreate nature’s process of purifying the air, it’s like bringing fresh outdoor air inside without ever having to open your windows.

ZIP System® sheathing and tape is an innovative structural roof and wall system with an integrated water resistant and air barrier that streamlines the weatherization process and transforms it with a simple two-step installation.

Seasons change, but your indoor comfort shouldn’t. Air leakage can increase energy costs because it makes heating and cooling systems work harder to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With ZIP System® sheathing and tape, you can build in protection against air leakage and possible moisture damage within your walls. ZIP System® sheathing and tape is a revolutionary solution for exterior walls and roofs with a built-in moisture barrier and air-tight, taped seams, to keep air and moisture out and energy savings and comfort in.

Introduction to the Clare Controls ClareHome Program. Available for iOS devices and Android phones, the ClareHome App puts personalized control of your smart home at your fingertips. Know when a visitor is at your front door, or get the kids ready for bed by running your goodnight scene to wind down for the night. 

Royal Texan Homes CEO discusses Craftsman Style


Royal Texan Homes CEO Mark Garraty discusses a modernist styled home in Garden Oaks

An overview on the history of CertainTeed roofing and our manufacturing process.