The Architectural Process

Designing your dream house should start with a concept. We design your home with a blank canvas. Your home should be your home so we do not offer set plans but design for you based on your needs and requirements.

Your plan will be bespoke and unique so expect to make revisions. We offer unlimited revisions to our plans right up to the blue prints have been created for permitting. This takes the pressure off you and means you are not limited to only a couple of revisions.

We understand that you may be building custom for the first time and so we give you the opportunity and time to get it right. Working with our in house architects to create a unique plan just for your needs is important, but perfecting it is where Royal Texan Homes makes the real difference.

The Engineering Process

At Royal Texan Homes we are seeking ways to build the hundred year home. Our team is committed to building beautiful homes that last several lifetimes and as so we engage outside engineers to create, approve and modify all our homes for foundations, frame and where necessary windstorm requirements.

Our environments take a toll on structures and all too often cheaply built homes will struggle to stand the ravages of time. Our commitment to the building and structural integrity of your home ensures each Royal Texan home has the engineers stamp of approval, allowing you greater peace of mind.

All our homes have an individual air conditioning engineers report detailing their rating and requirements. This ensures every aspect of your new home has been thoroughly designed and engineered.

The home we build you is personal not business.