Your Personalized Design Consultant

When you sign a contract with Royal Texan Homes, a designer will contact you to schedule your first appointment at the design center located on the I45 at the Cypresswood exit conveniently close to Gringos! 

You will always be accompanied on any visits, to ensure that your home is completed and personalized.

A process like this is personalized and bespoke to each client. It is important that every client receives the Royal Texan Treatment.

Our process, like your home, is built around you. Our team is experienced and has been through this many times before, so relax and enjoy building your dream home.

Appointment Details

  • Appointments are in two 2-3 hour increments and are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Your total appointment hours will vary depending on your ideas and floor plan size.

  • Please begin thinking of several ideal appointment times that you are available.

  • Also, please be sure to have child care during your available appointment times. Your time is limited with the designer so providing your full attention will result in you receiving all the information on making the best decisions for your home.

How to Prepare For Your Appointment

Make a Wish List - To prepare for your appointment, make a wish list of the items that you know are “must haves” for your new home. Examples: Tankless Water Heater, Whole House Water Filtration System, Tile Wood Floors, etc. This will help the designer from the beginning to know what is important to you and get you the pricing as quickly as possible so the rest of the appointments can focus on making decisions.

Create an Online File or Bring Pictures - We also encourage creating a file online or bring pictures of styles you have seen and would like for your home. Though we may not have the exact items, we will work together to replicate the look.

Personal Website Login

At your first appointment, you will get your own personal log in for our website. We will upload all pictures and paperwork to your site so you can view them after appointments and at any time during the build of your home.

Pricing, Payment, and Upgrade Policy

Builders provide a wide variety of options for your home. Sometimes it is difficult for us to have exact pricing at the time of inquiry. Your designer may need to submit a price request to your builder. All price requests should be back by your next appointment if not emailed to you beforehand. This is the common rule of thumb but please know there are always exceptions.

Please know your builders deposit policy on upgrades. Depending on your builder this may be due upon your final appointment. We accept check or money order.