The Building Thermal Envelope 

The Thermal Envelope

We are committed to building the most efficient and comfortable environments for your home. This means each home has a specific lifelong battle with the outside conditions; water, air and temperatures. Additionally in September 2016 we have new statewide codes that come into force that should impact the quality of residential home building. As a member of the Greater Houston, Texas and National Associations of Homebuilders we applaud efforts to improve our industry, but as a homebuilder we see this minimum standard as just a start.

We build our homes to reduce and eradicate opportunities for water and air penetration that exists through typically installed building practices we often see used elsewhere. This system provides a manufacturer’s 30 year warranty which is a hugely significant protection for our clients.

Our Roof decking features radiant barrier as a standard which adds to the protection of the home against the significant heat during long, hot summer days.

Thermal protection is incredibly important and R19 wall and R38 attic insulation is a standard for all our homes, not an upgrade.

We conduct blower door testing on all our homes to monitor and reduce the amount of all important air changes per hour.

What does this mean for our clients? Your home is built better, is more protected and because of these efficiencies, becomes much more cost effective to heat and cool.

The home we build you is personal not business.

Below you will find more educational information on the upgrade Zip System.