The Design and Selection Process

Designing and decorating a custom home from a blank piece of paper to a finished home can be a little daunting. So we provide you with two valuable resources, a custom home designer and a design consultant.

We have created a hopefully helpful guide here for what you can expect from these members of your team.

Custom Home Designer

Your Custom Home has to reflect how you live and the home you want to surround yourself with. We love designing from scratch, but can modify one of our existing plans if you would prefer that.

Our Custom Home Designer will create rooms, storage, elevations and final plans based on the look and theme of your project to fit on your lot.

First we create the floor plans that represent a good flow, use of space and budget to fit your lot size and desired living space.

Then we add the flourishes such as exposed beams, cabinets, hidden rooms etc.

Last, we bring it together with elevations and as we go through the stages the details get more specific until we finally have a set of blueprints that cover every aspect of your new home.

Design Consultant

Your project comes with a personalized design Consultant who will guide and enhance your home building experience. Your ideas and pallet need support and with our known universe, we can quickly identify and help you express your concepts and ideas through colors, selections and themes.

You will have numerous meetings and will always be accompanied on any visits, to ensure that your home is completed and personalized.

A process like this is personalized and bespoke to each client. It is important that every client receives the Royal Texan Treatment.

Our process, like your home, is built around you. Our team is experienced and has been through this many times before, so relax and enjoy building your dream home.

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