A Serious Stone Debate

Is natural stone or reconstituted stone better?

With so many options available, let’s look at the differences between both for a serious stone debate.

Choosing the stone for your kitchen countertops, bathrooms and floors is one of the most exciting parts of the design process when building your custom home.  It’s not just about how it looks, it’s also about practically and your expectations around cleaning and maintenance.

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custom kichen and living room.jpeg

Natural stone is a beautiful feature to any home. Marble, granite or limestone, travertine can also be really expensive and difficult to maintain especially when kids are using the space. But there’s no denying the stunning qualities and characteristics seen in natural stone that add character and beauty to any space.


  • elegant, impressive and raw
  • unique
  • many variations but completely personal


  • porous and can stain easily
  • needs to be regularly sealed and maintained in order to protect against damage
  • can be damaged by general household cleaners, as well as highly acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar
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stone shower.jpg

Reconstituted stone, or man-made stone, like quartz, porcelain, ceramic is made up of real stone crushed down and bound with an acrylic resin to create a workable surface. Reconstituted stone is a high performance and low maintenance product that is beautifully engineered for modern living.


  • considerably lighter product than natural stone
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to stains, scratching, chips and cracking
  • more affordable than natural stone


  • not natural
  • not unique
  • no patina gained over time

In the end your stone option is a personal choice that depends on your lifestyle and look and feel you want for your custom dream home. Our in-house interior designer will help you with your decision making so that your vision and dream come true.