Exploring The 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report

Houzz is a huge influence on the way we design and style our living spaces.  No room garners more attention than the kitchen, which is why we are breaking down the almost 40 page 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report.

2018 houzz kitchen trends.png

Here’s are our top takeaways from the report published in April of 2018:

  • Styles may vary but a preference in neutrals still prevails

  • Less ornamentation and clutter – it’s all about simple efficient spaces

  • Open concept kitchen to the family or dining room

  • An island is essential and should be multipurpose where families can eat and kids can do homework

  • Quartz is outpacing granite because it’s easy to maintain and are stain resistant. The colors are also consistent, unlike natural stones in which each piece is different.

  • An L-shaped layout is edging out a U-shaped layout.  Galley and single wall kitchens are gaining ground

  • The functional priority is storage where it’s easy to store and find items

  • Styles lean toward transitional, contemporary, and farmhouse styles 

  • White and wood make it good. It’s all about white countertops, backsplashes, and wall finishes

  • Pullout waster/recycling bins, utensil organizers and wine/bar storage are significantly more popular

  • Shaker cabinet styles are the most popular.  The trend is moving away from the raised-panel door styles

  • Wood or Wood-like flooring are at the top of the list for flooring options

  • Appliance technology is important specifically in refrigerators and dishwashers

  • Besides a TV, charging/docking stations, Bluetooth/wireless speakers and home assistants like Amazon's Alexa are the top three tech kitchen trends

This report was developed from a survey of 1,734 U.S. homeowners on Houzz.