Shower Niches And Why You Need One

There are a lot of design details to think about when building a custom home. One of the tiniest is the shower niche.  No longer a luxury design detail, the shower niche really plays a role in how well a modern shower functions.  There’s no need for hanging baskets or suction shower caddies anymore.  Every shower needs a niche.

Seamless glass surrounds and open showers are so popular in bathrooms today, the niche has now become a design opportunity.  Shower niches can be designed in all different shapes and sizes and can be completely customized to fit your needs. These niches can be beautiful statement pieces as well.

custom shower niche.png

For example, if you are tiling your whole shower with white subway tiles from floor to ceiling, adding a burst of color in your shower niche will make your bathroom pop. The shower niche is also a great way to add decorative tiles or high end materials to get an elevated look in the bathroom.

Typically, niches are placed in the middle of the back wall of the shower. However, there are many different spots you can choose from which will depend on plumbing fixtures and other construction details. Things to consider are those family members using the shower, bottle sizes and overall proportions of the shower. 

At Royal Texan Homes, no detail is overlooked… even shower niches.  Meet with us to discuss building your dream home and yes that includes shower niches.

shower niche custom.png
custom shower.png