Building A Custom Home With Timeless Design

How is it that some custom homes look so outdated, while others still look brand new and modern? It all depends on the design, architecture and style of the home.  The idea is to design your custom home to still be a classic in the years to come. 

The Classics
Seek out designs, styles and colors that are classic.  Think back at the styles that have endured the last decade. Craftsman, Cape Cod, and Colonial Revival are the three most quintessential American styles that will keep their relevance and will always be in demand.  Use natural resources such as wood floors, granite, and stone.  These materials hold their value and weight in the most classic homes.

Royal Texan Homes The Craftsman rev 10-6-16.jpg

Don’t Follow The Fads
Building a timeless home means not getting too invested in certain trends. Timeless design is quietly understated, simple and sophisticated. Classical styling belongs to both its space and its environment. Backgrounds should be neutral, and not busy. Emphasize clean lines and shapes when it comes to the architectural details. Use natural materials in your home – lots of wood, stone, and natural fibers.

Make It Functional
Ensuring classic design inside your custom home also involves taking a step back and thinking about the intended use of each room. When looking at plans or drawing them out with a designer think about the logical placement of items like a bed, TV and other furnishings. 

classic custom design.jpg

Creating a timeless a classic home takes work, creativity and forethought.  You definitely don’t want to skimp on style. Neutral colors, functional and logically designed rooms, and natural resources, will help make sure your home’s style is here to stay.

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