Building A Custom Home On A Small Lot

Sometimes bigger lots aren’t always better when building a custom home. More people are investing in small lots to build their dream homes.

For some, it’s a cost factor, or about the location or even a way to reduce their ecological footprint. Whatever the reason, smaller lots aren’t always about less space.

open kitchen .jpg

Building on a smaller lot means you must be more strategic, intelligent and creative with the space you are designing. The anticipated sacrifices are less than you might think. It’s all about new innovative options rather than fewer options!

Small lots are considered 50 feet (or less) wide. Small lot homes can be positioned in a variety of ways to maximize the land space with the most efficient being two stories. This is more economical to gain the largest space without additional foundation or roofing expenses.

Smart Shelving.jpg

Small lot homes mean efficiency is at a premium. Every nook and cranny should be used to its fullest potential. Even windows should be placed strategically to allow more light inside and expand the home's spatial feel. Design is just as significant, if not more so, in comparison to size.

Small lot homes are not lesser, limiting, or restricted to standardization. They are quite capable of being fully embellished inside and out, in addition to being particularly affordable. Dream homes come in all shapes, sizes and designs.