Do I Need A Lot Before Finding A Builder?

It’s the age-old question when building a custom home and a little bit tricky.  The short answer in our opinion is no. 

If you already have property but looking for a custom builder, it’s important to have us look at the lot to give us a good idea of the land. Your lot affects the price of your dream home and we will need to determine whether there is extensive foundation work, grading or other engineering services needed.

finding a lot.jpg

If you have not purchased a lot yet, Royal Texan Homes can help you find one.  We have surveyed a lot of property and know the area well.  From flood zones to lot stability and neighborhood restrictions, we’re qualified to help you find the best lot for the design and build of your custom dream home. With so many lots there can be setbacks based on the design of your plan and that’s something we can pinpoint straight away.

If you have more questions about lot buying or want us to meet you at the property you want to build on (or if you have property on which you plan to build), call us at  936.271.4425 or visit our website

Royal Texan Homes is here to help you design and create your dream home.