Signs Your Ready To Build A New Home

Are you in the market for a new home?  Don’t know if you should buy, lease, renovate or build?

Here are a few reasons building your own custom home with Royal Texan Homes is the perfect option for you.


You’ve Found The Perfect Location…Location…Location
If you’ve done your fair share of Sunday driving and have found the perfect place, within the perfect neighborhood with the best schools but can’t find the perfect house – then it’s time to find a suitable lot and custom build the home of your dreams.

You Can’t Quite Find the Perfect Home
You deserve to be picky – especially when it comes to your forever home.  Building you own custom home means you can have exactly the features you want and need.  You can design and create the home of dreams.


Your Pinterest and Houzz Accounts are Out of Control
If you have completely built and decorated a new home 20 times over in the virtual world, then it’s time to make it happen IRL (in real life). Check out our Pinterest and Houzz pages for even more ideas and current projects.

You Have Done Your Financial Homework
If you’ve been house hunting in real life or virtually, then you’ve probably done the math to figure out what kind of home you can afford. Did you know the cost of building a new home is often comparable to buying an existing home?  Check out our Financing page to get more information on construction to permanent loan options.

If any of these descriptions describe your,  don’t wait any longer — call us today to get started on planning the perfect home for your family.