Top 5 Reasons To Build With Us

We’re a boutique custom home builder. Our homes, our people and our philosophy all reflect the commitment of excellence in building, design and service. Every Royal Texan Home is finished to a high standard of detail and quality that reflects a true custom experience.

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Here are 5 reasons to build with Royal Texan Homes:

5.  Loyal Relationship

Long after you have settled into your custom dream home, the relationship that you have formed with Royal Texan Homes will stand.

With us you can expect high-end appliances, top-notch products, and materials that exceed code requirements.  We want your custom home building process to be creative and joyful!

4.  Flexibility to Change

Vision is often a fluid concept.  The dream concept you have for your future home will more than likely evolve during the building process.

Therefore, we set up several meetings with you during your build. Working with us as your custom builder allows for the flexibility for change, so that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.  This should be a mindful process as some items cannot be changed without a fee attached or process delay.


3.  Individual Attention

Building your custom dream home is an exciting time. Individualized attention is one of the enormous advantages you get when building a custom home with Royal Texan Homes.

During the building process, you will never be left on the sidelines without a voice.

You will receive regular and personal interaction from us and can manage the building of your home through our online portal.  This web based system allows you a look at important documents, design selections and photos.  This system allows us to tailor the building process to your needs.

2.  Expertise

It’s exciting to contemplate the beautiful details of your custom dream home. It can also be stressful with the hundreds of decisions that must be made before groundbreaking event starts.

This is where the experience and expertise of Royal Texan Homes can make all the difference. We’re a mastery of traffic flow, we’re knowledgeable of the newest home gadgets, and educated about the cutting-edge products available – plus we know good design. 

Click here to check out founder’s design and construction background.

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1.  Personalization

Most floor plans that are from a production builder, approach home building with a very generic view of what everyone needs – not necessarily what you need.

At Royal Texan Homes, the floor plans we create are designed specifically for you and your needs. It’s all in our approach and process.  Before anything is designed, our space planner meets with you to get a very detailed idea of how your family functions considering schedules, activities and interests and hobbies. We then create a floor plan that considers every little nuance that makes your family unique.

Let us create your home with you.  Call or email us today.


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