Size Matters! What Square Footage Is Right For You?

There’s a lot to consider and determine when building your custom dream home.  Typically, square footage is the most important since it correlates to the price of your home.  However, when you’re faced with defining your dream home only in terms of square footage, how do you make sense of it all?


Well, you’ll want to look beyond square footage to define your custom home with space that will satisfy your needs.

Visualize traffic patterns for your family now AND later and think about your daily routine.  You may want to sacrifice interior square footage in favor of a larger yard. Or you might want to optimize your interior space to allow for a growing family or aging parents or just to gain a home office, playroom, media room or game room or whatever other room you’ve dreamed of.

Calculations can widely vary based on room shapes and the numbers can be misleading. For example, a 12×14-foot room and an 8×21-foot room are the same square footage, but which would serve better as a bedroom for your household?

floorplan scrolls.jpg

The best way to assure that your new home is the right size for you is to carefully assess your requirements, study available floor plans and ask questions. We at Royal Texan Homes will work with you to customize plans to fit your specific needs.

We believe the most noble thing to do is build your custom dream home and our goal is to give you an amazing custom space, and that has little to do with square footage.