The Why Wall

My pastor started this week with a message asking for us to enjoy the moment and live without fear of the future. Easier said than done and this week has created plenty of live in the moment opportunities. However I have a moment this morning to reflect on what's important, and my anxieties definitely seem a little trivial when compared to others. 

For example yesterday and Wednesday I started my day at my local Starbucks: 

Not a bad view!


It's a view that can be easily missed as I see it so frequently. This Starbucks is about one minute from my office so, over a period of time I have got to know some of the people who work and visit there. Today if I pass through no doubt there will be some polite exchanges followed by the obligatory "looking forward to the weekend". However in another part of my day, I see a different image more frequently: 


This is the why wall and hangs by our kitchen table. These are children that we are fortunate to sponsor in different parts of the world and why we do what we do. It's supposed to serve a reminder of why we are here and what our mission is. The week has flown by and now it's Friday again. I don't know if anyone else loses sight of what's important during the day, but with the work load and drama of life it's easy to forget how my challenges are all first world problems and to keep a perspective on what's really important.

if anyone would like to learn more about child sponsorships, compassion have an event in the Woodlands starting May 5th. The website is

This week we went to Sonrise again and I have to say thank you to Adam Richards, Jared Self and the entire Gringos leadership who once again stepped up. On Tuesday, Ed told me that he had no meat to feed the people who lived there. Within an hour I got a phone call from Derek at Gringos who told me they were just leaving after delivering a load of meat. Coincidence? Yesterday Adam and Jared took themselves over there and sealed the roof to prevent further leaks so we can begin the task of transforming the building. For anyone who wants to know more about this shelter, we visit on Tuesdays at 11, and you are welcome to join us. 

This week we have added more pictures and videos to our website and social media pages. Our videos are available here  

Our core values of Faith Integrity and Relationship have plenty of opportunities on Friday's. In construction Friday is when everyone gets paid and our sub contractors, workers and their families depend on their pay checks. This is the responsibility of being a business owner and whether our clients all pay us on time or not we have a responsibility to those people. As a small business the number of hats my team and I wear can mean Friday's can get a little busy Today I have two new client meetings, site visits, client follow ups, project meetings, vendor meetings, budget reviews and a trip to Lufkin and back. First world problems indeed!

We had some interesting opportunities this week as well. An investment group from California got in touch, and needs a partnership with a Texan builder, separately a TV producer wants to create a 30 minute show around us and we are opening the Royal Texan Homes Real Estate group to serve a wider real estate need in our community. 

Never a dull moment in our days, so today I hope to focus everything on today, leave the present, past and future outcomes to GOD and hope that I can keep a little perspective about my life, while remembering why we do this.  

If ever you see me please say hello, and you are always welcome to drop in to our Hwy 105 location for a coffee and a chat.

Have a great weekend.