Unexpected Moments

Everyone has a routine to a greater or lesser extent I'm sure. Our home starts early during the week and depends completely on routine until the coffee starts to wor. So this morning it has been a pleasant surprise to wake up and move around without the usual zombie like state, but I actually woke up with my brain semi engaged. I enjoy the time before the family wakes up, to read, pray and prepare for the day. However from one day to the next as a builder you are often thrown a curve ball. A routine busting moment or two!

Today a client who was not supposed to arrive from overseas until later this week, will get in, so their house has to be ready. Yesterday and last night my team was hard at work putting the finishing touches to their extensive remodel before today's big reveal. Although our clients have a portal that allows them to view the progress of their project through uploaded videos and photos, today will be he first time they have seen their home since we took the project on.

Also yesterday we finally figured out the layout of our model home at Teaswood. Sometimes the floor plan can be different due to the difficulties and nuances of the land. The combination of creative nput from several of the team yesterday was a really enjoyable process, but ultimately it resulted in something that I think will be quite spectacular. I wasn't expecting to be able to do everything that it looks like we can. That plan and the output of this work will be available to view online by the start of next week. I am so excited about the Teaswood project.


Today at 11 I will be at the Sonrise Community Church and Homeless Shelter, as we take more people through a project that touches every emotion. As a believer I am always astounded by GODs perfect timing. Sonrise is an opportunity for us to serve in the most incredible way. I asked Ed once if the donation button worked on his web site and he replied "I have no idea, no one has ever used it". 

As we wonder through this project we realize the truth about our own lives and the responsibility we carry. If anyone wants to join our growing group of volunteers drawn to this impossible task please contact us through this web site.

Yesterday brought more unexpected opportunities for relationships with a couple I met at our 1554 Sue Barnett residence on Friday evening contacting us to discuss building a home for them. I was really hoping they would be in touch as I was so drawn to them during our first meeting. 

Another Lady originally from New Jersey came in to our visitor center on Hwy 105 yesterday and we were able to sit and discuss her project up in Walden. These moments when i meet new people and get the chance to speak about a subject that I'm passionate about are usually the highlights of my day. Our website will soon feature a developing archive of seminar and video presentations that will discuss both construction techniques and aesthetic opportunities and styles. As you will see I can get a little passionate about certain subjects...


 I don't know what the day holds. I have a number of tasks that I have to complete, but the unexpected moments are usually the most challenging and the most rewarding. I am hopeful to spend some time with my family this evening and focus on them, but we will see what's possible today. As the Sonrise project has shown me, just enjoy the moment, the routine and the unexpected. Today I hope to enjoy the challenges, receive rewards with grace and tackle challenges with wisdom and honor. 

Happy Tuesday.