Rainy Sunday Morning

Our house can be a little busy on Sundays. I think it's a little self inflicted as we slowly pad around before we realize we need to get in gear to make it to church in time. This morning I ran to HEB and it rained the way it only rains in Houston, torrential.  

I take my vehicles to Magnolia Auto and it has become a joke there, that if it's raining I must be about to pour concrete! Weirdly true. Meteorologists could simply look on our scheduling app that we provide clients and then forecast the next few weeks of bad weather. 

So today I will sit indoors and pretend that it isn't raining and tomorrow we will begin the process of digging out footings and pad sites to then dry while we, and every other builder in Houston, try to get back on schedule for concrete.  

The fun awaits for us tomorrow, but today is Sunday.  


Yeterday was amazing. We found Sonrise Community Church about a month ago, and they are in desperate need as they house homeless families in Houston. Their only source of funding is the Pastor who works as a bounty hunter at night and pours all his wages into providing for up to 150 people every day. 

So we have been bringing people through this facility for a month so they can see first hand what an impossible task this is. The response continues to be overwhelming. Even writing this the tears are hard to hold back.  

As our personal and corporate values color our actions, I am so humbled to say thank you to Mike Wilson and his entire family, Michelle Gauna and her entire family, The Richards family and particularly Adam for finding this amazing donation from DR Horton, DR Horton for their incredible donations, the Gringos crew for their awesome turnout, Restoration Church for their continued support. All these people gave up their entire Saturday for this cause and I am so blessed to call them friends.  

Also in a stroke of genius, one Dad brought teenage girls, so teenage boys followed and we were able to put them to work. 


A Job Well Done!! A combined effort of people provided mattresses, beds, and other furniture to Sonrise Community Church and homeless shelter.

Anyway, have a great Sunday and stay dry. Plenty for us to all do tomorrow, so enjoy family, rest and recharge.

My book for this aternoon...



Yup, I'm that boring! 

Oops I'm running late! Happy Sunday.