Garden Oaks

We build primarily in Houston from the heights, all the way to Montgomery County and Lake Conroe. In all the communities we are fortunate enough to be a part of, our design style is often tempered by the deed restrictions of that area. One of the most interesting neighborhoods in Houston is Garden Oaks. 

Located just on the 610 at the Sheppard exit, Garden Oaks offers rarely found space and green shaded avenues with an eclectic mix of home styles. The spacious lots are protected by deed restrictions and 10 ft easements. This means there is double the space between each home compared with most neighborhoods of a similar design.  

What really excites me about this area is the opportunity for individuality in our home designs. 

We have several homes going up at the moment from a neo modernist to Craftsman and Farmhouse inspired residences. There are few areas in Houston that could hold this variety of home, but Garden Oaks is the exception. 

A Neo Modernist at 934 Gardenia Dr


If ever you want to "Window shop" and get ideas for your home or project, there are few neighborhoods that offer you the kaleidoscope of styles that you will find here. The residents are friendly and range from new arrivals to those who have lived in the same home for decades.  

We met a man in the street recently who was now retired but was born in the house on 1554 Sue Barnett that we are replacing. His story helped paint the pictures of history in this residence and allowed us valuable insights into the population changes and development. 


 963 Lamonte Ln is our American Craftsman  

963 Lamonte Ln is our American Craftsman  

Our opportunity here is more than the flexibility rarely offered to a builder in a neighborhood to create different styled residences next door to each other, it is to pay respect to and be part of the history of this area. 

It can feel like the Hand of history is on one shoulder, and the residents trust is on the other.  

We live in Montgomery and have six children so living closer to the city for us will probably never happen, but I love the time driving and walking through this diverse gem located a stones throw from one of the fastest growing cities in the US.  

There are several restaurants in the area and Liberty Kitchen, The Inn on Sheppard and Union Kitchen are my favorites right now. 

If you are thinking of building or just enjoy browsing the pages and images of Houzz and Pinterest, then Garden Oaks is a wonderful opportunity to grab ideas and understand styles. The diversity of design surrounded in a lush southern setting is a huge impact on a simple chap from across the pond like me.


 Black Grout and Inset Shaker Cabinets

Black Grout and Inset Shaker Cabinets

Have a great Tuesday, and I hope to see you in the hood!