Friday already

Friday can be a little busy, like most we have weekend commitments calling for my attention, but I am not ready yet. I have a client who needs their plan finished, another who needs tile direction and a new client who wants to meet on site. Of everything we do it's the projects and the people I enjoy the most. Today was interrupted while we had to shoot some interviews in preparation for our ribbon cutting, but that was a welcome break. 

Its 4pm and headed to Houston to meet a new client at 6:30. This gives me a great chance to visit some sites and check in on the progress of my friend/clients, mid century modern remodel in Garden Oaks. 

Today we got involved in discussions about a farmhouse chic discussion. Elements of contemporary, Greek Revival and Barn stylings are running around in my head right now. Does anyone else wake up at night with these kinds of thoughts? If so Please let us build for you too!

Have a great weekend.