Landscaping Your New Home

Landscaping is one of the best investments you can make in your new home.

The planning and design of your outdoor space should be considered an integral part of your new custom built home. Landscaping can also help warm and cool your new home, not to mention enhance your street appeal and increase the value of your home.

landscape backyard.png
landscaping rendering.png

Your landscaping decisions will largely depend on how you intend to use your yard space and how you want to present your home to the street.

Consider whether you are looking to create a tranquil extension of your home or will your yard be a busy activity space used by your family. Do you have equipment like a trampoline or a kid’s playground?  Will you be adding a pool or sport court to your backyard? These elements will impact your landscape design choices.

landscape umbrella.png

Do some site evaluation and study the soil and the scenic nature of your lot and neighborhood characteristics. Determine what plants and grasses are best for your region to help you define what landscaping solution is right for you. 

A proper landscape design ensures the right plants are in the right place that allows for proper drainage, erosion and sustainable plant life.

Come build with us at Royal Texan Homes.

A Serious Stone Debate

Is natural stone or reconstituted stone better?

With so many options available, let’s look at the differences between both for a serious stone debate.

Choosing the stone for your kitchen countertops, bathrooms and floors is one of the most exciting parts of the design process when building your custom home.  It’s not just about how it looks, it’s also about practically and your expectations around cleaning and maintenance.

custom modern kitchen.jpg
custom kichen and living room.jpeg

Natural stone is a beautiful feature to any home. Marble, granite or limestone, travertine can also be really expensive and difficult to maintain especially when kids are using the space. But there’s no denying the stunning qualities and characteristics seen in natural stone that add character and beauty to any space.


  • elegant, impressive and raw
  • unique
  • many variations but completely personal


  • porous and can stain easily
  • needs to be regularly sealed and maintained in order to protect against damage
  • can be damaged by general household cleaners, as well as highly acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar
granite bathroom.jpg
stone shower.jpg

Reconstituted stone, or man-made stone, like quartz, porcelain, ceramic is made up of real stone crushed down and bound with an acrylic resin to create a workable surface. Reconstituted stone is a high performance and low maintenance product that is beautifully engineered for modern living.


  • considerably lighter product than natural stone
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to stains, scratching, chips and cracking
  • more affordable than natural stone


  • not natural
  • not unique
  • no patina gained over time

In the end your stone option is a personal choice that depends on your lifestyle and look and feel you want for your custom dream home. Our in-house interior designer will help you with your decision making so that your vision and dream come true.


Shower Niches And Why You Need One

There are a lot of design details to think about when building a custom home. One of the tiniest is the shower niche.  No longer a luxury design detail, the shower niche really plays a role in how well a modern shower functions.  There’s no need for hanging baskets or suction shower caddies anymore.  Every shower needs a niche.

Seamless glass surrounds and open showers are so popular in bathrooms today, the niche has now become a design opportunity.  Shower niches can be designed in all different shapes and sizes and can be completely customized to fit your needs. These niches can be beautiful statement pieces as well.

custom shower niche.png

For example, if you are tiling your whole shower with white subway tiles from floor to ceiling, adding a burst of color in your shower niche will make your bathroom pop. The shower niche is also a great way to add decorative tiles or high end materials to get an elevated look in the bathroom.

Typically, niches are placed in the middle of the back wall of the shower. However, there are many different spots you can choose from which will depend on plumbing fixtures and other construction details. Things to consider are those family members using the shower, bottle sizes and overall proportions of the shower. 

At Royal Texan Homes, no detail is overlooked… even shower niches.  Meet with us to discuss building your dream home and yes that includes shower niches.

shower niche custom.png
custom shower.png

Building A Custom Home With Timeless Design

How is it that some custom homes look so outdated, while others still look brand new and modern? It all depends on the design, architecture and style of the home.  The idea is to design your custom home to still be a classic in the years to come. 

The Classics
Seek out designs, styles and colors that are classic.  Think back at the styles that have endured the last decade. Craftsman, Cape Cod, and Colonial Revival are the three most quintessential American styles that will keep their relevance and will always be in demand.  Use natural resources such as wood floors, granite, and stone.  These materials hold their value and weight in the most classic homes.

Royal Texan Homes The Craftsman rev 10-6-16.jpg

Don’t Follow The Fads
Building a timeless home means not getting too invested in certain trends. Timeless design is quietly understated, simple and sophisticated. Classical styling belongs to both its space and its environment. Backgrounds should be neutral, and not busy. Emphasize clean lines and shapes when it comes to the architectural details. Use natural materials in your home – lots of wood, stone, and natural fibers.

Make It Functional
Ensuring classic design inside your custom home also involves taking a step back and thinking about the intended use of each room. When looking at plans or drawing them out with a designer think about the logical placement of items like a bed, TV and other furnishings. 

classic custom design.jpg

Creating a timeless a classic home takes work, creativity and forethought.  You definitely don’t want to skimp on style. Neutral colors, functional and logically designed rooms, and natural resources, will help make sure your home’s style is here to stay.

If you are looking to design and build your custom timeless home, call us today at (832) 699-0475, or visit us at to see how we can bring your dream home to life.

Building A Custom Home On A Small Lot

Sometimes bigger lots aren’t always better when building a custom home. More people are investing in small lots to build their dream homes.

For some, it’s a cost factor, or about the location or even a way to reduce their ecological footprint. Whatever the reason, smaller lots aren’t always about less space.

open kitchen .jpg

Building on a smaller lot means you must be more strategic, intelligent and creative with the space you are designing. The anticipated sacrifices are less than you might think. It’s all about new innovative options rather than fewer options!

Small lots are considered 50 feet (or less) wide. Small lot homes can be positioned in a variety of ways to maximize the land space with the most efficient being two stories. This is more economical to gain the largest space without additional foundation or roofing expenses.

Smart Shelving.jpg

Small lot homes mean efficiency is at a premium. Every nook and cranny should be used to its fullest potential. Even windows should be placed strategically to allow more light inside and expand the home's spatial feel. Design is just as significant, if not more so, in comparison to size.

Small lot homes are not lesser, limiting, or restricted to standardization. They are quite capable of being fully embellished inside and out, in addition to being particularly affordable. Dream homes come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

Exploring The 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report

Houzz is a huge influence on the way we design and style our living spaces.  No room garners more attention than the kitchen, which is why we are breaking down the almost 40 page 2018 Houzz Kitchen Trends Report.

2018 houzz kitchen trends.png

Here’s are our top takeaways from the report published in April of 2018:

  • Styles may vary but a preference in neutrals still prevails

  • Less ornamentation and clutter – it’s all about simple efficient spaces

  • Open concept kitchen to the family or dining room

  • An island is essential and should be multipurpose where families can eat and kids can do homework

  • Quartz is outpacing granite because it’s easy to maintain and are stain resistant. The colors are also consistent, unlike natural stones in which each piece is different.

  • An L-shaped layout is edging out a U-shaped layout.  Galley and single wall kitchens are gaining ground

  • The functional priority is storage where it’s easy to store and find items

  • Styles lean toward transitional, contemporary, and farmhouse styles 

  • White and wood make it good. It’s all about white countertops, backsplashes, and wall finishes

  • Pullout waster/recycling bins, utensil organizers and wine/bar storage are significantly more popular

  • Shaker cabinet styles are the most popular.  The trend is moving away from the raised-panel door styles

  • Wood or Wood-like flooring are at the top of the list for flooring options

  • Appliance technology is important specifically in refrigerators and dishwashers

  • Besides a TV, charging/docking stations, Bluetooth/wireless speakers and home assistants like Amazon's Alexa are the top three tech kitchen trends

This report was developed from a survey of 1,734 U.S. homeowners on Houzz. 

Signs Your Ready To Build A New Home

Are you in the market for a new home?  Don’t know if you should buy, lease, renovate or build?

Here are a few reasons building your own custom home with Royal Texan Homes is the perfect option for you.


You’ve Found The Perfect Location…Location…Location
If you’ve done your fair share of Sunday driving and have found the perfect place, within the perfect neighborhood with the best schools but can’t find the perfect house – then it’s time to find a suitable lot and custom build the home of your dreams.

You Can’t Quite Find the Perfect Home
You deserve to be picky – especially when it comes to your forever home.  Building you own custom home means you can have exactly the features you want and need.  You can design and create the home of dreams.


Your Pinterest and Houzz Accounts are Out of Control
If you have completely built and decorated a new home 20 times over in the virtual world, then it’s time to make it happen IRL (in real life). Check out our Pinterest and Houzz pages for even more ideas and current projects.

You Have Done Your Financial Homework
If you’ve been house hunting in real life or virtually, then you’ve probably done the math to figure out what kind of home you can afford. Did you know the cost of building a new home is often comparable to buying an existing home?  Check out our Financing page to get more information on construction to permanent loan options.

If any of these descriptions describe your,  don’t wait any longer — call us today to get started on planning the perfect home for your family.

Top 5 Reasons To Build With Us

We’re a boutique custom home builder. Our homes, our people and our philosophy all reflect the commitment of excellence in building, design and service. Every Royal Texan Home is finished to a high standard of detail and quality that reflects a true custom experience.

custom drawing room.png
entryway with piano.png

Here are 5 reasons to build with Royal Texan Homes:

5.  Loyal Relationship

Long after you have settled into your custom dream home, the relationship that you have formed with Royal Texan Homes will stand.

With us you can expect high-end appliances, top-notch products, and materials that exceed code requirements.  We want your custom home building process to be creative and joyful!

4.  Flexibility to Change

Vision is often a fluid concept.  The dream concept you have for your future home will more than likely evolve during the building process.

Therefore, we set up several meetings with you during your build. Working with us as your custom builder allows for the flexibility for change, so that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.  This should be a mindful process as some items cannot be changed without a fee attached or process delay.


3.  Individual Attention

Building your custom dream home is an exciting time. Individualized attention is one of the enormous advantages you get when building a custom home with Royal Texan Homes.

During the building process, you will never be left on the sidelines without a voice.

You will receive regular and personal interaction from us and can manage the building of your home through our online portal.  This web based system allows you a look at important documents, design selections and photos.  This system allows us to tailor the building process to your needs.

2.  Expertise

It’s exciting to contemplate the beautiful details of your custom dream home. It can also be stressful with the hundreds of decisions that must be made before groundbreaking event starts.

This is where the experience and expertise of Royal Texan Homes can make all the difference. We’re a mastery of traffic flow, we’re knowledgeable of the newest home gadgets, and educated about the cutting-edge products available – plus we know good design. 

Click here to check out founder’s design and construction background.

custom living room.jpeg

1.  Personalization

Most floor plans that are from a production builder, approach home building with a very generic view of what everyone needs – not necessarily what you need.

At Royal Texan Homes, the floor plans we create are designed specifically for you and your needs. It’s all in our approach and process.  Before anything is designed, our space planner meets with you to get a very detailed idea of how your family functions considering schedules, activities and interests and hobbies. We then create a floor plan that considers every little nuance that makes your family unique.

Let us create your home with you.  Call or email us today.


custom home office.jpeg

Size Matters! What Square Footage Is Right For You?

There’s a lot to consider and determine when building your custom dream home.  Typically, square footage is the most important since it correlates to the price of your home.  However, when you’re faced with defining your dream home only in terms of square footage, how do you make sense of it all?


Well, you’ll want to look beyond square footage to define your custom home with space that will satisfy your needs.

Visualize traffic patterns for your family now AND later and think about your daily routine.  You may want to sacrifice interior square footage in favor of a larger yard. Or you might want to optimize your interior space to allow for a growing family or aging parents or just to gain a home office, playroom, media room or game room or whatever other room you’ve dreamed of.

Calculations can widely vary based on room shapes and the numbers can be misleading. For example, a 12×14-foot room and an 8×21-foot room are the same square footage, but which would serve better as a bedroom for your household?

floorplan scrolls.jpg

The best way to assure that your new home is the right size for you is to carefully assess your requirements, study available floor plans and ask questions. We at Royal Texan Homes will work with you to customize plans to fit your specific needs.

We believe the most noble thing to do is build your custom dream home and our goal is to give you an amazing custom space, and that has little to do with square footage.

Do I Need A Lot Before Finding A Builder?

It’s the age-old question when building a custom home and a little bit tricky.  The short answer in our opinion is no. 

If you already have property but looking for a custom builder, it’s important to have us look at the lot to give us a good idea of the land. Your lot affects the price of your dream home and we will need to determine whether there is extensive foundation work, grading or other engineering services needed.

finding a lot.jpg

If you have not purchased a lot yet, Royal Texan Homes can help you find one.  We have surveyed a lot of property and know the area well.  From flood zones to lot stability and neighborhood restrictions, we’re qualified to help you find the best lot for the design and build of your custom dream home. With so many lots there can be setbacks based on the design of your plan and that’s something we can pinpoint straight away.

If you have more questions about lot buying or want us to meet you at the property you want to build on (or if you have property on which you plan to build), call us at  936.271.4425 or visit our website

Royal Texan Homes is here to help you design and create your dream home.

Kitchen Inspiration

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where everyone gathers for food and conversation. 

luxe lodge kitchen.jpg
traditional kitchen.jpg

When building your own custom home, it’s often the first room that gets the most attention.  Which is why we’re giving you plenty of photo inspiration on some of our favorite kitchens we have built. 

modern kitchen.jpg
classic kitchen.jpg

We have so many interior finishes to choose from to give your kitchen the royal treatment.

subway tile kitchen.jpg
classic granite island kitchen.jpg

From modern to traditional to farmhouse and even lux lodge style – there’s a little something for everyone.

modern kitchen with open shelving.jpg
modern kitchen with glass shelving.jpg

Visit our image gallery or Pinterest page for more photo inspiration on kitchens, interiors, exteriors, and bathrooms.

traditional corbel island.jpg
modern island with pendant lighting.jpeg

Talking TeasWood

We’re so excited to talk about our newest home building venture in TeasWood Avenue.

teaswood avenue.jpg
teaswood avenue columns.jpg

TeasWood Avenue is a concierge community representing the highest level of luxury living situated among the tall trees and luscious landscapes of north Houston.

Situated in Conroe, Texas, just 30 minutes outside of Houston, you’re immediately surround by beautiful trees, stunning views, luxurious comfort, and exceptional amenities.  Secluded and gated, TeasWood Avenue impresses with the finest details. TeasWood Avenue is fully committed to providing you with the ultimate luxury living experience.  We offer ample floor plans with opportunities to truly customize the way you live your life. 

teaswood avenue water feature.jpg

Imagine a community that helps you balance your life as you work, live and play. That’s what TeasWood Avenue offers you through our generous amenities and luxury concierge service. We will pick up your dry cleaning and even schedule pet and travel services. Living here allows us to arrange fine dining, schedule spa appointments and cleaning services just for you to simplify your life.

teaswood entrance.jpg
teaswood barouque light fixture.jpg

You deserve the very best in luxury living and TeasWood Avenue offers an easy, stress-free, yet fun, lifestyle.

Visit our  TeasWood Avenue website today and see why you’ll love living here. Or better yet, contact, Tiffany MacPhearson at 713-594-9639, to schedule your appointment or just drop by and visit us for your personal tour!

Building a Luxury Lodge

We love meeting with our clients and get so excited when we can make their unique vision come to life.  Our latest project is one with a luxury lodge feel.

415 Camden HIlls luxury lodge.jpg

The overexposed beams were a must have for the client and add the ultimate rustic touch they were looking for all throughout the home. 

415 Camden HIlls stone hearth.jpg

In addition to the custom cabinetry in their home office and kitchen the master closet is the dream space the client specially requested.  The closet includes 250 linear feet of custom mill work all handmade and built on site.

415 Camden HIlls custom closet.jpg

Our favorite feature is the stone fireplace and stone vent hood in the kitchen.  The stone is representative of a field stone found in the mountains with rounded edges created only by flowing water.

415 Camden HIlls kitchen with stone vent hood.jpg

There are several patios surrounding the home to take advantage of the sun movement and shadow positions throughout the day. There’s even a screened-in porch for those hot Texas summer nights complete with a stone fireplace.

415 Camden HIlls screend porch with stone fireplace.jpg

This Texas home has a true luxury lodge feel.

Not A House...But A Home

We are so thrilled that our custom-built house in Garden Oaks is truly a home.


We partnered with a professional stager to show the natural beauty and comforts this custom luxury home offers.  We have built a truly custom home.

custom luxury living.jpeg

The home on Sue Barnett is farmhouse chic and features country elegance in the city. It’s an open living concept with exquisite finishes. The fireplace and custom built in cabinets feels modern and midcentury.  The kitchen features a farmhouse sink with a herringbone tile backsplash.

custom office shelving windows.jpeg

We believe in creating something special for our clients and this character rich home is a dream home.  Click the link below to check out the entire home on HAR.

luxury master bedroom.jpeg

If you would like to learn more about this property or what we build, give us a call at 936-271-4425 or visit our website.

We Have Homes For Sale

We have homes for sale!     Three to be exact with a few more on the way!  In addition to building custom homes we are also strategically building homes is various areas both in town and out.

custom craftsman

We have built two different style homes both in the Garden Oaks neighborhood located in the loop. One is a true modern dream home while the other is an updated Craftsman. Both homes boast custom details and luxury interior finishes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.49.44 AM.png

The third home for sale is in the coveted Walden neighborhood in Montgomery.  With lake views and excellent schools, this custom home is perfect for a growing family.

walden craftsman

Call us at 936-271-4425 to view these incredible three properties. Or visit to see photos and virtual tours of these homes.

Hardware Of A Home

Building your custom dream home is so much fun because you get to pick out everything from flooring and paint to lighting and door hardware. 

I know what you’re thinking…door hardware? That doesn’t sound like much fun but I’m here to tell you it can set the style tone for your home plus there’s such a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from.   It’s these design decisions that makes the process of building your custom dream home so rewarding.   

Which is why we at Royal Texan Homes are so proud to partner with Kwikset who has been making homeowners feel safe and look good since 1946.  The company’s unwavering commitment to meeting homeowners’ needs has inspired an innovative portfolio of locks, handlesets, deadbolts, levers, knobs. electronic keypads and even Bluetooth systems.

We have over a hundred options for you to view in our Design Center plus a look book of so much more.  It’s all about finish, design and functionality.

We want to design your custom dream home.  Come build with us! 


Build On Your Land Seminars

Have you been dreaming of building your dream home but not sure where to start?  Do you have a floor plan already drawn but not sure what to do next?  Do you own land but need help envisioning your custom home?  Let us help you start the building process.


Register for our upcoming Build on Your Lot Seminars.  We will cover everything you need to know about building your Royal Texan Home.

The morning seminars are from 10am – 12pm.  These sessions are designed to help you learn about our philosophy in building, design and service.  We will help you understand land evaluation, site preparation and the custom home building process.  Additionally, we will have a representative from our preferred lending partner, First United Bank, attending the seminar to help answer financial questions and start the loan application process.


All seminars are  held at our Design Center | 15949 HWY 105 W SUITE 59  MONTGOMERY, TEXAS

·       SATURDAY, APRIL 21 | 10 AM

·       SATURDAY, APRIL 28 | 10 AM

·       SATURDAY, MAY 5 | 10 AM

·       SATURDAY, MAY 12 | 10 AM

Lights On With Kichler

Lighting is one of the most powerful elements in interior design and we agree!  A specific lighting fixture can have the greatest impact on your home!

We at Royal Texan Homes are so excited to partner exclusively with Kichler Lighting for our custom homes. They have the best selections with reasonable pricing.  Their products are smart, stylish and on trend.   


Our team has hand selected five different lighting packages for you to choose from when designing your dream home with Royal Texan Homes. If you don’t see something you love in one of our exclusive packages, don’t worry, feel free to choose other lighting options from Kichler’s extensive catalog (prices may vary.)   

Take a look at their 7 Home Lighting Trends for 2018.

What Is A Punch List?

Building your custom dream home means there will most always be different terminology used that you might not be familiar with. One of our favorite terms is “punch list” because that means we’ve come to the final stages of the building process.


No matter how much of a joy or how difficult it’s been building your custom dream home, every project must come to an end. Before a building project is completed it’s important to make sure all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed—and that means completing a construction punch list.

Did you know the term punch list refers to the fact that people used to punch holes next to an item when this item had been fixed?  A construction punch list is a list of items that need to be completed to comply with the terms of the contract and is prepared when the construction project reaches the final stage. It’s the instrument that is used to make sure the job gets finished successfully and in a timely matter.

Builder and customer do a walk-through on the job site and write down all insufficiencies that need to be addressed and solved.  We as the builder are bound by the contract to complete a punch list before the project is finished.

Friendly Financing with First United Bank

Building your custom dream home with Royal Texan Homes is exciting.

The first step is securing financing.  That’s why we at Royal Texan Homes have partnered with an amazing mortgage consultant, Kelly Malatesta from First United Bank.  She has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry.   She treats all clients like family and offers them the most competitive mortgage solution with outstanding customer service. Malatesta has originated more than 10,000 loans in the Houston and surrounding areas.

First United Bank's "ONE TIME CLOSE CONSTRUCTION TO PERMANENT LOAN PROGRAM" provides the foundation for construction needs.  This means you can move through the steps of construction with peace of mind, knowing your permanent financing needs are already in place.

With so many options, we’re most excited about the option to get started with only 5% down.  Most lenders don’t offer this option! So, now’s your opportunity to build your custom dream home with Royal Texan Homes.

Read about all your financing options, get contact information and click to apply on our website at

Kelly Malatesta_FIrst United Bank.png